Follow a programme of sailing on the Bassin d’Arcachon

Do you wish to take up sailing or perfect your skills? Are you looking for an activity for the whole family during the holidays? Come and discover the sailing programmes at the Club Nautique de Claouey.

You’re thinking of enrolling your children on a programme of sailing during the holidays

From the age of 6, your child can begin to experience the joys of sailing in an adapted craft. Under the tutelage of our specialised instructors (s)he will develop their sense of independence

Programmes for children

For the youngsters, our Optimist programmes introduce them to the sea, the wind and the boat. The first sessions are devoted to ensuring that they are sufficiently confident on the water.

For the 8 to 10 year-olds, our sensation programme further develops their confidence.

Youth programmes

For adolescents, complete beginners or experienced, we offer sailing programmes for Dériveur or Catamaran.

Sailing programmes for adults

For beginners

It’s possible to learn to sail as an adult. With the help of our instructors, learn to sail a Dériveur or Catamaran.

For those with some experience

You have already started sailing and wish to develop your skills with the aid of our passionate, qualified instructors. Whatever your level, age and accomplishments, the Club Nautique de Claouey can guarantee that you will enjoy a sporting and pleasurable holiday through following one of our sailing programmes.
The Club Nautique de Claouey also offers family sessions. Accompanied by a professional, you will be introduced to sailing on a Habitable.

Book your sailing course as soon as it is maintained!