The Claouey school of sea rowing

The rowing section’s school of sport at the Club Nautique de Claouey, has rowers of all ages and levels. We offer sporting opportunities in leisure and competition from the age of 11, the sole requirement being the ability to swim.

All our training sessions are run by qualified instructors. Members make use of sculling boats, pairs and fours.

Why join a club to go sea rowing?

Rowing has the image of being a very physical sport. However, it is equally important to have the technique to achieve the best stroke possible. With the Club Nautique de Claouey you will learn to marry sporting prowess with skill to discover the true pleasures of sea rowing. The only imperative: you must be able to swim.

Sea rowing for the young

Our sea rowing club has a school for the young. You can take from the age of 11. This activity gives considerable pleasure to adolescents as it is a maritime sport which allows them to develop as a group on the water. A good ambiance, conviviality and cohesion are at the heart of our sport.

Sea rowing for adults

There are many reasons why you might want to register for one of our rowing courses: sharing group experiences, keeping fit or to re-discover the delights of gliding over the water. In our rowing club, the experienced rowers are there to welcome the novices.

Should you wish to, you can test your endurance and skill in competition. Our club takes part in the French national rowing championships.


Rowing course are held on Saturdays for adolescents and during the week and at weekends for adults.

If you wish to compete, join one of our crews.

Year-round Sea Rowing Course: contact us now